Elli Charger – software updates

Information about our updates

Updates guarantee the security of the home chargers, ensure their functionality and enable the provision of new function.

We recommend you consent to new updates to benefit from these elements. Check the changelog of our software updates for detailed information about individual updates.

Additional information

Any update always also includes all previous updates, even if you had previously not given your consent to them.

Very important: If you do not agree to an update and a defect occurs, Elli will not be liable for this if the defect is due to the lack of an update.

Changelog of our software updates


  • The status determination of the wallbox has been improved. This will stabilize communication between the wallbox and the vehicle.


  • EEBus communication interface implemented (allows you to connect your wallbox to EEBus-enabled devices. For more information on EEBus please see the FAQs in our shop or visit the official EEBus website which you can find at eebus.org)

  • upgrades to configuration manager (it is now easier and more intuitive to start up your wallbox unit. Upgrades include the ability to connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi or, optionally, via LTE)

  • general improvements (more reliable communication between your wallbox and our IT system/backend)


  • Updated EksignCertificate (guarantees the connectivity of wallboxes with Internet capability to our IT system)


  • Improved WiFi connection and stability
  • Improved LTE connection and stability
  • Improved reliable transfer of kWh data

Technical details



Most frequently asked questions and our answers about software updates