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What is an MSP?

An MSP (Mobility Service Provider) is a contractual partner for end customers for authentication and payment at charging stations and is often also called " Charging card provider". The operators of charging stations are referred to as CPO (Charge Point Operator). A CPO can also be an MSP simultaneously.

What is a CPO?

A CPO (Charge Point Operator) is an operator of a charging station or charging station network. The authentication and payment are carried out by a Mobility Service Provider (→ MSP), also known as a charging card provider. However, a CPO can also be an MSP at the same time.

What does the term "roamer" mean?

Roamers are people who have signed a contract with a Mobility Service Provider of their choice. For these roamers to be able to charge at your charging station, the MSP of their choice must be connected to Elli via a roaming platform such as Hubject.

What is an EVSE-ID and where do I find it?

The EVSE-ID is a unique identifier for each charging point and is required to provide public charging. It starts with two letters representing the country code (e.g. DE* for Germany, FR* for France or ES* for Spain). The next three letters represent the operator-ID. All Elli charging stations contain GCE*. The following digits are chosen individually and are continuous for each charging point at the station.

The EVSE-ID is located on the Elli stickers for public charging stations.

Can I connect charging stations which I haven't purchased via After Sales to Elli Charging Site Management?

No, currently you cannot buy more third-party charging stations and upgrade them with our software, as the implementation of the software takes place during the manufacturing process. This means that only the charging stations distributed by Volkswagen Group After Sales are pre-installed with our software by the manufacturer, but not those from third-party suppliers. An intervention in the software equipment of charging stations by third- party providers is currently not possible.

How can drivers charge at my public charging stations?

Currently, the following options are available for charging at public charging stations:

  • Elli markets its charging stations to a number of connected Mobility Service Providers (MSPs). Customers of such providers can then charge at your charging station by simply connecting their vehicle to the station and authenticating themselves at the station with their charge card. Whether the respective card is accepted at your charging station can be checked in the app of the corresponding MSP.
  • Drivers can also charge at your charging station without a contract, with one of the connected charging network providers - this service is called "Elli Charge & Go". To do so, scan the QR code next to the charging port and you will be directed to the Charge & Go website. After entering the e-mail address and payment details, the charging process can be started immediately. VISA, MasterCard, Google Pay and Apple Pay are currently accepted as means of payment; unfortunately, EC card payment is not supported at present.

What happens once I make my charging station public?

Once you have made the station public in the Elli Management Console (Public Mode), it will be made available for charging to all connected third parties within the next 24h, for example in an app.At the same time, an Elli Charge & Go sticker will be created, which will arrive per charging point for your charging station in 10-12 days. You will also receive an email with the sticker manual, which will guide you through the process of placing the stickers on your charging station in the right place.

What is Elli Charge & Go?

Drivers can also charge at the charging stations with Elli Charge & Go without charging service by entering credit card data in a web form, or by simply selecting Google Pay or Apple Pay as a payment method. To do so, drivers can simply scan the QR-Code or visit the website charge.elli.eco - both can be found on the Elli Charge & Go stickers.If there is no QR-Code, you can also simply enter the ID of the charging port.

How does selective charging work without an account (Elli Charge & Go)?

  1. Drivers scan the QR-Code next to the charging port with the smartphone. This will redirect them to the Charge & Go website (https://charge.elli.eco), the corresponding charging port is preselected and all relevant information such as price and available charging power is displayed. If it is not possible to scan the QR-Code, then the ID of the charging port can also be entered manually at https://charge.elli.eco.
  2. This is followed by entering the credit card details (VISA or MasterCard), or selecting Google Pay or Apple Pay as a payment method on the Elli Charge & Go website, as well as entering an e-mail address for the delivery of the receipt.
  3. After verification of the means of payment, the charging process is started. The charging process can be terminated from the car at any time.
  4. After completion of the charging process, the corresponding amount will be debited from the previously mentioned credit card.

Is Elli responsible for registering public charging stations with the Federal Network Agency?

Elli supports you in registering your charging station with the Federal Network Agency. In most cases, you won't need to do anything else. We will contact you if any information or documents are missing for this process. If you want to see if your charging station is public, do the following:

  1. Download an MSP App. It can take up to 48 hours for a charging station to appear as public in the MSP Apps.
  2. If you need proof for a grant, take a picture of the charging station after you have applied the sticker and make sure the sticker is visible in the picture.
  3. You can check the Federal Network Agency charging station map (link) to see if your public charging station is listed. It should be noted that processing and display of reported charging stations can take 4 to 8 weeks.
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