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Smart, empowering, reliable, and sustainable - Elli drives the future of e-mobility and energy services for consumers and businesses. We provide a comprehensive range of B2C products and services: from wallboxes and renewable energy tariffs for private households to GHG quota trading and a user-friendly charging app with Europe's largest charging network. In addition, our B2B services cater to various business needs: from fleet management to AC and DC charging infrastructure consulting, project planning, installation, operation and maintenance.

Our marketing team approaches the future of e-mobility holistically and we market to a variety of audiences. We work together towards our main goal: to drive awareness and excitement for Elli’s brand and products.

Our Team


Discover. Connect. Empower.

Why do you work for Elli?
I love connecting with people from different backgrounds and I really enjoy Elli’s international atmosphere. I’m also personally motivated to be a part of the transition to e-mobility and I’m super fascinated by the idea of using electric vehicles as a mobile power bank for energy storage.

How do you work?
I enjoy working in teams with people from different backgrounds and experiences. I believe diversity makes us stronger and more resilient. My collaboration principles are based on mutual respect, trust, and confidence.

What do all Ellians have in common?
I think we all respect each other and really have fun when we are together.

What is your Motto?
Discover. Connect. Empower.

The time to make a difference to save our wonderful planet is now.

Why do you work for Elli?
Now is truly the time to make a difference to save our wonderful planet. At Elli I am part of that big change! And this is why I am super excited to be an Ellian.

How do you work?
I believe that the key to success is good listening. With the world changing at such a fast pace, adaptability and flexibility are also vital. I thrive on collaboration and love celebrating successes together with the team. For me, it’s all about making real, meaningful connections with my colleagues.

What is your personal northstar?
Continuous learning is very important to me. Just like food nourishes our bodies, learning nourishes our minds.

Can you tell us a little more about yourself?
I’m based in the wonderful city of Munich. I love Munich’s versatility: the mix of old and new, the bustling city vibes and calming nature. It is both down-to-earth and self-aware, has a fantastic appreciation for art, and so much more.
Media and Marketing
Live Communication

Proactively change the future. Create a better life for our children. 

Why do you work for Elli?
I really love the culture, the diversity, and how we work at Elli. I get to be creative and work in a passionate team - there’s nothing better than that. I love being able to proactively change and shape the future and create a better life for my kids. 

How do you work?
I always try to keep things cool, calm, and collected, always zeroing in on finding solutions. Respect and trust are the most important factors in collaboration. There’s something really special about teaming up with people from different walks of life and learning from each other.

Can you tell us a little more about yourself?
I live near Wolfsburg together with my family. I really enjoy spending time with my kids, traveling the world, eating good food, and trying out new things. 

If it does not burn inside, it can´t shine outside.

Why do you work for Elli?
I love the international environment and team spirit here. Thinking bigger, being brave, and going bolder are the things that drive me.

How do you work?
The real secret to success lies in stepping into colleagues’ shoes, really listening to them, and understanding their challenges. Encouraging and driving co-creation and open communication is what sets us apart.
It’s about creating a space for innovation and cooperation and always treating each other with respect.

What is your personal northstar?
As a passionate sailor, I would say: we can’t change the wind, but we can adjust the sails.

Can you tell us a little more about yourself?
I am based in Berlin. There’s nothing like the scent of endless possibilities in the air during my morning bike ride to work. 

What is your Motto?
One for Elli and Elli for all.
Vice President Marketing &

The only way is up!

Why do you work for Elli?
I was immediately impressed by the dynamic, varied and international working environment at Elli. I also think the mutual appreciation with which people treat each other is great. You can discuss things, contribute your ideas - and sometimes question the status quo. The mission statement "empowering electric life" unites the whole company and it's fun to drive this vision forward together.

How do you work?
I think it's great when you can work together as a team in an uncomplicated way on an equal eye level. Everyone has their own individual strengths - and that's a good thing. Personal interaction is also very important to me - together, you always come up with the best ideas.

Can you tell us a little more about yourself? 
I love my home town of Munich very much, but I love traveling the world even more. My persistent wanderlust has already taken me to over 40 countries - and my bucket list is still long!

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