Elli Green Energy

Empowering electric life.

Elli is here to make your life with electricity [Electric life] easier, safer, cooler and totally hassle-free. When energy meets mobility — Elli will be there for you and your business. Smart, convenient, reliable and 100% eco-friendly.

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Volkswagen Naturstrom® — 100% sustainable energy for your home and your electric car

Become a customer, use our green energy at home and drive your electric car CO₂-free. At the same time you support the development of renewable energies and protect the environment.


Want To Be Part Of Elli?

Can you imagine your life being electric? Great. So we have a lot in common. We are looking for experienced and talented people who are accomplished in their field and looking for a flexible, nontraditional work environment where skills, experience and performance are highly valued and rewarded. Our team is growing and we are looking forward to your application.

Lets change this industry together!