The charging station for your electric car

The charger is your fast, convenient wallbox with up to 11 kW charge power. You can control the internet-enabled version from anywhere. We take care of the installation and commissioning. It’s that simple.

Our universal solution for Volkswagen, ŠKODA and SEAT vehicles and many more.

11kW Wallbox im Lademodus (1)

The Charger
Impressive power delivery.

Manufactured in Europe
Developed and manufactured in the EU to the highest Volkswagen standards of convenience and safety.


Activate the wall charging station for specific users via app or RFID – it’s a breeze with Charger Connect or Charger Pro.



The Charger Connect and Charger Pro wallbox models connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi, optionally also via LTE.

Smart App


Use our partner apps (e.g. Volkswagen We Charge) to manage your charge processes, wallbox and much more remotely, wherever you are.


Great for company cars

The Charger Pro model offers an MID-certified electricity meter for accurate metering and billing per user.

Installation on site

Our installation service verifies that the site meets requirements, and ensures that the charger is set up and connected professionally.
And you can relax.

Learn more about our installation service
Wallbox bestellen und installieren lassen
Online PortalUnboxing
1. Order charger

You can clarify basic questions online in a brief precheck, and order the wallbox from your car dealership or the online shop.

Zertifizierter Techniker
Zertifizierter TechnikerEinbau/Installation vor Ort
2. Meeting on site

The next step is an on-site visit. Our certified installation partner verifies that technical requirements are all met.

Zertifizierter TechnikerAnschlussElli Charger
3. Installation and into operation

Our partner is also happy to install the charger for you. This optional service even includes making up to two wall openings.

One for all

The charger can be used with any e-vehicle that has a Type 2 connector. All e-vehicles from Volkswagen, ŠKODA and SEAT are Type 2-equipped.
Your car dealer will be happy to advise you.

ID. Charger

The ID. Charger is the perfect complement to the Volkswagen e-vehicles and We Charge services.

Buy the ID. Charger
Elli solutions for VW

ŠKODA iV Charger

Ask your dealer about the ŠKODA charger. The wallbox is perfectly designed for ŠKODA e-cars such as the ENYAQ iV.

Buy the ŠKODA iV Charger
Elli solutions for ŠKODA

SEAT Charger

With the SEAT charger in your garage, you can charge your e-SEAT conveniently at home.

Buy the SEAT Charger
Elli solutions for SEAT

Simply obvious

The Volkswagen ID.3 can be charged at any power socket or any charging station with a Type-2 connector. The Charger provides you with the fastest and most convenient way of charging right where your car is being parked regularly: at your garage at home.

This video explains short and sweet the available charge modes and product models. The Charger in this video is also available from SEAT or ŠKODA.

Technical data

All you need to know



Charger Connect

Charger Pro

Communication with vehicle
IEC 61851
IEC 61851
Plug & Charge (ISO 15118)²

IEC 61851
Plug & Charge (ISO 15118)²
Card reader

RFID (IEC 14443 A/B, MiFare)
RFID (IEC 14443 A/B, MiFare)
Internet/network interfaces

WiFi (2,4/5 GHz - 802.11 b,g,n)
WiFi (2,4/5 GHz - 802.11 b,g,n)
Communication protocols

OCPP 2.0
EEBUS- Communication³
OCPP 2.0
EEBUS- Communication³
Energy meter

MID certified current measurement and transparency in your charging app
Input | Power supply
Rated voltage (± 10 %)
400 V (3x 230 V)
Rated frequency
50 Hz
Rated current
3x 16 A
Max. supply cable diameter
5x 6 mm²
Additionally required protection on installation side¹
  • Residual current detection min. Type A (30 mA AC)
  • Circuit breaker 16 A (three-phase)

Output | Charge


Charging connector
AC – Type 2
Max. charging power
(depending on configuration)
11 kW
Cable length
4,5 m | 7,5 m
Charging mode
Mode 3 (IEC 61851)
Residual current monitoring
IΔn AC ≥ 30 mA, IΔn DC ≥ 6 mA

General data and functions

Dimensions (W x H x D) (in mm)
297 x 406 x 116
Status indicators
LED based HMI
Installation type
Weight (depending on variant and cable length)
5,6 kg - 7 kg
Operating temperature (without direct sunlight)
-30 to +50 °C
Max. humidity
95 % (non-condensing)
Max. altitude
4000 m above sea level
Load management (optional additional material required)
Via AC current sensors

1) Check local installation requirements to determine need for additional measures.
2) Plug & Charge (ISO 15118): Available with the introduction of the corresponding vehicle functionality via a software update (OTA), which may be subject to a surcharge. Software update expected to be available during 2021.
3) EEBUS- Communication: Available via a software update (OTA) which may be subject to a surcharge. Software update expected to be available during 2021.

Elli Charger Aufriss
Elektroauto zuhause aufladen

Also for company cars

With Elli, employees can easily keep private and work-related charging separate. Even at home, in their own garage. Which makes managing travel expenses easier for all concerned.

Elli for fleets
Wallbox App für den Charger (iOS und Android)

Advice and service

Any questions about your charger?
Your customer service team is happy to advise and assist.

Customer service for the
ID. Charger

Your support request to Volkswagen customer service

Free of charge, day and night.

00800 43347328*

Customer service for the
ŠKODA iV Charger

Your support request to ŠKODA customer service

Free of charge, day and night.

00800 80247247*

Customer service for the
SEAT Charger

Your support request to SEAT customer service

Free of charge, day and night.

00800 73273554*
* Free phone number. Calls from mobile networks may be subject to charges depending on the provider. If your telephone provider does not support this number, ask them to activate ‘00800’ numbers. The charges depend on the tariff of your provider. Roaming charges may apply when calling from abroad.