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Elli Flexpole – The flexible fast-charging station

Elli’s innovative fast charging station can be placed almost anywhere. By connecting it to the low-voltage power, you can turn it into a fixed station – without all the construction costs and effort of a permanent installation.


2 fast-charging outlets with up to 150 kW
Battery pack with buffer storage

Payment by charging card, credit card or smartphone
Planning permissionvery easy to obtain
Can be moved later on
Screen can be used for advertising purposes
Intrusion detection
Galvanized steel as in vehicle construction


Festivals & events

Flexibly expand your infrastructure at the event site. Even without access to a power outlet.

Gas & service stations

Offer your customers a fast-charging system for their ‘pit stop’.

Charging sites

Flexibly expand your charging site to suit demand.

Retail & wholesale

More service, more loyal customers: offer full-scale charging right on your premises.

Companies & municipalities

Fast, reliable, economical charging directly on site.

Check out the Flexpole in action


e.on is our first cooperation partner to integrate the flexible stations into its public charging network. The Elli stations went into productive operation in autumn 2021 – and are helping to turn the vision of a dense public network with fast-charging stations into reality much more quickly than envisaged.

City of Wolfsburg

Charging infrastructure to meet demand: The city of Wolfsburg and Volkswagen have joined forces in a model project to showcase how viable e-mobile charging infrastructure could look in the urban space of the future. Elli mobile charging stations went into operation here at the start of 2020 to complement the permanent charging stations. With these innovative charging concepts, the city of Wolfsburg is blazing a trail into the future of e-mobility.

Technical data

Everything you need to know
IEC 61851
IP 54 System
IP 67 Battery
Mechanical Protection
IK 08
Max system DC output power²
Dimension (H x W x D)
2260mm x 1340mm x 1100mm
2650 kg
Operating Temperature
-25°C to 50°C
Operating Temperature without DC Output Power Derating
-25°C to 35°C
5% to 90%
Network Connections¹
EMC emission¹
IEC 61000-6-2, EN 55011
Noise emission (at 5m distance)
≤ 60 dB
DC output power²
Max. 150 kW (DPD)
DC output current³
Max. 350 A @430V
Max. 188 A @800V
DC output voltage
200 - 920VDC
DC output interface
CCS Type 2 Combo
DC Metering conform to MID and MessEG
Vehicle PLC communication
ISO 15118, DIN 70121
DC output power²
Max. 150 kW (DPD)
DC output current³
Max. 350 A @430V
Max. 188 A @800V
DC output voltage
200 - 920VDC
DC output interface
CCS Type 2 Combo
DC Metering conform to MID and MessEG
Vehicle PLC communication
ISO 15118, DIN 70121
Grid connection
400 V, 50 Hz
TN-C-S; 3P + N + PE
16 / 32 / 63A
2 low voltage safety lines (Impact)
Electrical protection
Overvoltage category IV (DIN 60664-1)
RCD protection
Power factor
Meets EU standards


Internal battery rated capacity
193.5kWh (net capacity in validation)
Maximum usable capacity⁴
Max. recharge power²
2x20kW or 1x40kW (DPD)

User Interface

10” Touch Screen
43” Advertising Screen
Status LEDs
Charge Stop button
Authorization / Payment
RFID Mifare (IEC 14443 A/B)
NFC (IEC 18092)
Credit Card (payone)

Operator Interface

OCPP 1.6-J
Improved security for OCPP 1.6-J
edition 2

1) See CE declaration of conformity document
2) When connected to grid with 400V/63A
3) With temperature-controlled 400A rated high power CCS cable
4) See warranty agreement


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