Consulting and Services for Business Costumers - CPO Services

Maintenance and operation of your charging site (CPO Services)

We keep your charging location up and running.

Elli can provide the full operation (CPO Services) of your charging infrastructure for your company.

These CPO Services are based on the CPO Console, our Software-as-a-Service product for controlling the hardware via a web interface. We can provide all technical services such as maintenance, troubleshooting and repairs. We can also provide full telephone support for you and your customers , and market your charging infrastructure for you. All our CPO services are available in different service levels (SLA).

Customer service, remote maintenance, scheduled maintenance, repair service and commercialisation for charge point operators

Elli Services offers a modular range of services for charging locations. This gives you the flexibility to integrate only the services you need into your existing operations.

Our range of services

CPO Console

Use our inhouse-developed CPO Console, which enables monitoring and control of your entire charging infrastructure. Further function modules can be booked at any time as required.

Elli customer service

We are here both for you and your customers. Competent and dependable.​ With phone and email support in multiple languages.

Monitoring and remote maintenance

As needed, a status check is made for your charge points, followed by prompt troubleshooting via remote maintenance and competent advice – to minimise downtimes.​

Software updates

Elli handles regular and prompt updates of the firmware in your charging stations.

Trained personnel

All services are carried out by certified technicians.

Elli maintenance and repair service

Coordination of onsite servicing for your charging stations. This includes regular maintenance as required under the German DGUV3 accident prevention regulations, functional checks specified by manufacturers, troubleshooting and repairs.

Public marketing of your charging point

We take care of the Europe-wide public marketing and billing of your charging point.

Your result

The choice is yours: selected services or all services for your charging stations from a single provider.

Example 1:

You want to use all Elli services, from first and second level customer support with remote intervention and scheduled maintenance through to onsite repair services. Then you will have complete peace of mind as Elli handles practically all of the tasks related to your charging infrastructure.

Example 2:

You want to handle troubleshooting, onsite service and maintenance yourself. Of course, you can still book the Elli business service on a standalone basis to support your company and customers. 

Next steps

For ordering please contact your Elli contact person or use our online contact form.

Depending on the country where your charging site is located, the charging infrastructure and the backend operator, an advance assessment may be needed to determine which services can be provided at your location and from what date.

Contact us online

To help us process your enquiry efficiently, we kindly request some information on your project.


Which charging options do you have now or plan to implement in the future?


Additional services

Site analysis

We will work with you to complete an onsite assessment of the structural and technical conditions for your future charging location and assess the conditions for the further project phases. This yields a solid, practice-oriented foundation for decisions on the further implementation of your charging infrastructure.

Planning and Installation

The result of a site analysis decides whether planning is required. This may depend on whether a building permit or further detailed plans are needed such as structural analysis to assess how the charging infrastructure can be installed. In a planning project, all trades needed for the installation are integrated into detailed technical plans.

Connecting the charge points

Are you already operating a charging site? Would you like to manage it through the Elli backend system? Perhaps you are also looking to expand your charging capacity without having to replace your current charging hardware? In either case, Elli is there for you.