The charging station for your electric car

The Charger Pro is your convenient, fast Wallbox with up to 11 kW charge power. Thanks to a kWh-accurate consumption metering, you as a company car driver can also differentiate between work and private charging sessions at home. This enables simple reimbursement of your business charging sessions.

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All chargers offer 11 kW of charge power in your home garage, and charge up to eight times faster than a power outlet.


Activate the wall charging station for specific users via app or RFID – it’s a breeze with Charger Connect or Charger Pro.


The Charger Connect and Charger Pro wallbox models connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi, optionally also via LTE.


You can charge all current and future Volkswagen e-cars as well as all other makes of vehicle with Type 2 connector.


The Type 2 charging cable (either 4.5m or 7.5m long) is permanently connected to your charger. Simply arrive, plug in and charge.

Great for company cars

The Charger Pro model offers an MID-certified electricity meter for accurate metering and billing per user.

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ID. Charger Pro

The ID. Charger is the perfect complement to the Volkswagen e-vehicles and We Charge services.

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ŠKODA iV Charger Connect+

Ask your dealer about the ŠKODA iV Charger. The wallbox is perfectly designed for ŠKODA AUTO e-cars such as the ENYAQ iV.

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SEAT Charger Pro

With the SEAT Charger in your garage, you can charge your e-SEAT conveniently at home.

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CUPRA Charger Pro

An ideal team: Together, the CUPRA Charger and Easy Charging deliver power to your electric CUPRA. In any situation.

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Audi Wallbox pro

The Audi Wallbox – the high performance charger for your Audi.

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Elli Charger Pro

Our universal solution for Volkswagen, ŠKODA AUTO AS, SEAT and Audi vehicles and many more - now with Elli branding.

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