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Connecting the charge points

Are you already operating a charging site? Would you like to manage it through the Elli backend system? Perhaps you are also looking to expand your charging capacity without having to replace your current charging hardware? In either case, Elli is there for you.

Integration of existing charging hardware

Elli offers you a uniform solution for the operation of your charging infrastructure.

Charging stations distributed and installed by Elli are already supplied with the necessary configuration and the connection to our back-end solution is automatic.

The connection of already installed charging stations from third-party providers is also possible in many cases, but must be checked individually. We currently support charging stations from the most established manufacturers on the market. We are constantly expanding our portfolio of compatible charging stations. In this case you can rely on Elli to provide a uniform solution for the operation of your entire charging infrastructure.

After checking your charging hardware and estimating the costs, you will receive a corresponding offer from us.

Once your stations are connected to the Elli backend, you will also be able to use additional Elli services. For example, you can make your charge points accessible to the public in order to monetise them. They will then be displayed in all charging apps supported by Elli. And with Elli Fleet Charging, it is also quick and easy to integrate your charging infrastructure into your fleet management.

Our services

Compatibility and feasibility check

for the connection of your charging station


of your charging pole into the Elli backend

Onesite meeting to insert the Elli SIM card

and adjust the configuration of your charging station

Testing and documentation

of the connection

Your result

  • Successful communication between your charging station and Elli-Backend

  • Control and monitoring of your charging station via the Elli CPO console

Next steps

For ordering please contact your Elli contact person or use our online contact form.

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Which charging options do you have now or plan to implement in the future?


Additional services

Site analysis

We will work with you to complete an onsite assessment of the structural and technical conditions for your future charging location and assess the conditions for the further project phases. This yields a solid, practice-oriented foundation for decisions on the further implementation of your charging infrastructure.

Planning and Installation

The result of a site analysis decides whether planning is required. This may depend on whether a building permit or further detailed plans are needed such as structural analysis to assess how the charging infrastructure can be installed. In a planning project, all trades needed for the installation are integrated into detailed technical plans.

CPO Services

Elli offers the full range of services for the operation and maintenance of your company’s charging infrastructure. Along with scheduled maintenance, this may include – depending on your needs – phone support, remote diagnostics, onsite service and repairs.  It’s up to you whether you wish to have all services delivered by a single provider or prefer to select individual services.