Elli expands to 600,000 charging points across Europe

Elli expands to 600,000 charging points across Europe

Wolfsburg. Just in time for the new year, Elli (Volkswagen Group Charging) is expanding its charging network and offers e-mobility customers access to more than 600,000 charge points in 27 European countries. As one of the largest charging and energy provider and a brand of the Volkswagen Group, Elli is strategically expanding its mobility service business and, in addition to the quantitative expansion of the network, is focusing on greater convenience when charging. For Elli customers, this represents a major step forward in vehicle charging and in general a significant step forward for electric mobility in Europe.

Giovanni Palazzo, Elli CEO, expresses his enthusiasm for this milestone. Palazzo stated, "We are starting the year with an incredible news: Providing a pan-European network counting more than 600,000 charge points is a significant achievement for Volkswagen Group Charging GmbH. However, our commitment goes beyond quantity; it's about ensuring a high-quality charging experience to advancing electric mobility and decarbonizing society."

One of the key initiatives driving quality of charging is the Selected Partner Network, a from Volkswagen Group newly founded program designed to elevate the charging experience for customers. The Selected Partner Network is a carefully curated group of partners of premium charge point operators that have been selected according to strict quality criteria. This network has optimal charge stops, high-performance charging infrastructure with on-site convenience (e.g. cafés, restaurants, sanitary facilities), and excellent operational reliability. Elli Drive Highway tariff customers also benefit from exclusive, lower energy prices. Currently, IONITY Europe, Aral Pulse, the Audi charging hubs in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and Ewiva in Italy are part of the Selected Partner Network. 

“As electric mobility continues to gain momentum, Volkswagen Group Charging GmbH remains at the forefront of innovation, contributing to the establishment of a robust and reliable charging and energy infrastructure across Europe”, Palazzo adds.

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