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100% sustainable energy for your home and your electric car

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Your benefits

Rethinking green energy.

100% green energy

You receive electricity from 100% renewable energies for your home and electric vehicle — simple, affordable and sustainable.

Expansion of renewable energies

We support the expansion of renewable energies and the built-up of new eco-power plants — this is our contribution to the German Energiewende.

Safety & reliability

We guarantee reliability from day one — a safe change of supplier and continuous power supply.

Full compatibility & future security

Volkswagen Naturstrom® and future Elli products and services are fully compatible with all Volkswagen Group products — today and in the future.

Our promise

At home and on the road.

100% green energy

Throughout Germany, Elli supplies Volkswagen Naturstrom® reliably and safely. By using our green energy at home and for recharging your car, you contribute to the emission-free mobility of tomorrow and protect our environment at the same time.

TÜV tested

Signed and sealed. And with good conscience.

TÜV Nord annually verifies the origin of Volkswagen Naturstrom®. Neutrality of CO₂ and electricity purchased from green power plants in Germany, Austria and Switzerland is certified. Volkswagen Naturstrom is generated 100% from renewable energy sources.


We invest for you. And for a clean future.

We promote the expansion of renewable energies and support the built-up of new eco-power plants. Currently, we are supporting the construction of the Salzgitter wind farm with an output of 12 MW and annual generation of 35 GWh – equivalent to the annual consumption of approximately 10,000 households using 3,500 kWh on average.


Sustainable electricity for the whole family.

With Volkswagen Naturstrom® we offer a green energy tariff that guarantees transparent prices and a simple change-of-supplier process – without hidden costs. Our electricity is 100% renewable and a further step towards a sustainable world. By using Volkswagen Naturstrom® you are actively contributing to the expansion of renewable.

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    TÜV tested
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The tariff

All information about the contract.

Price guarantee

24 months*

Payment method

Monthly advance payments, invoice at the end of the billing period

Contract period

24 months

Period of notice

4 weeks before contract expiration

Contract extension

12 months

* Elli grants a full price guarantee for a period of 12 months from the start of electricity supply. For this period Elli guarantees not to increase prices. Afterwards, Elli guarantees not to increase prices until the end of the minimum contract period due to changes in invoicing, procurement, distribution and other administrative costs. Here you can find the terms and conditions, price and delivery conditions as well as electricity labelling.

Our vision is to make green energy simple, affordable and sustainable.

Thorsten Nicklass, CEO Elli

Your partner

Good reasons for Elli.

Volkswagen Naturstrom® is a product of Elli, a brand of the Volkswagen Group. Elli stands for reliability, safety and service quality. We support the expansion of renewable energies and offer 100% green energy. We aim to be a reliable partner, with innovative electric vehicles, sustainable energy and a modern energy solution — everything out of one hand.

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