Volkswagen Naturstrom Connect

The first smart household electricity tariff for drivers of VW electric cars or plug-in hybrids. Charge sustainable electricity at home. Save money. And accelerate the move to renewable energy.

e-mobility electricity tariff

Everything at a glance

Your electricity tariff and consumption, e-car charging, invoices and rewards – all in one smartphone app.

Überwiegend kurze Strecken

Less than 50 km per day

On average, that’s the distance drivers in Germany cover with their vehicles daily

Elektroauto, kurze Ladezeiten

Short charging sessions are often enough

to cover these distances

Abends steigt der Strombedarf

Electricity demand is highest in the evening

because more electricity is consumed in homes

Stoßzeiten Stromverbrauch

This puts a strain on the environment and the power grid

because at these peak times, there often is not enough renewable energy available for this heavy demand

Smart Charging

How you are helping to accelerate the move to renewable energy with Volkswagen Naturstrom Connect:

In Germany, renewable electricity is generated primarily from wind and solar power. At certain times of day there is little sun or wind; at others, sunshine and wind are available in abundance. At particularly sunny or windy times, renewable energy plants may have to be closed off, or ‘curtailed’, so as not to overload the power grid.

The Volkswagen Naturstrom Connect tariff gives you the option of charging your e-car using Smart Charging. This means we will always charge your vehicle at times when there is plenty of renewable energy available. With the Volkswagen Naturstrom Connect app, you will use Smart Charging completely automatically. You can also view your charging sessions and costs at any time. It’s an excellent way to help make better use of electricity from renewable sources.

The solution is Volkswagen Naturstrom Connect.

Our Smart Charging solution works around this challenge. It make sure that you charge your vehicle at home precisely at times when there is plenty of electricity available from renewable sources. Together, we’re helping to reduce fossil fuel consumption. And by making sure that peaks in renewable energy production are ‘mopped up’ by being used for charging, we’re also reducing the risk of ‘curtailment’: when so much renewable energy is produced that it could max out the grid, so is not fed in.

So simple, so smart.

Sign up for the Volkswagen Connect tariff
Sign up for the Volkswagen Connect tariff
Connect to your vehicle
Connect to your vehicle
Enter your scheduled departure time
Enter your scheduled departure time
By the scheduled departure time, your car will be fully charged – with green electricity.
By the scheduled departure time, your car will be fully charged – with green electricity.

Available for your Volkswagen.

smart meter
There’s no need to install a smart meter or any other device

Electromobility with a clear conscience

Umweltfreundlich aufladen

Green for go: Green for charge

Your vehicle knows when electricity from renewable sources is available at home. And that’s exactly when it charges.

You stay in control

You can track all your charging sessions and costs at a glance via the app.


Up to 100 € bonus

Collect points every time you use Smart Charging, and have up to €100 credited to your electricity bill every year.

electric car charging

With Volkswagen Naturstrom Connect you can charge your electric car at home

customer service

Volkswagen Naturstrom hotline

Our Volkswagen Naturstrom service team will advise you by phone Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm.


Send us a message about your Volkswagen Naturstrom, and we will take care of your concern as quickly as possible.
customer portal

Customer portal

A single hub where you can view and edit key details about your Volkswagen Naturstrom contract.


Fast answers to common questions.

Volkswagen Naturstrom Connect App

  • Smart charging settings

  • Overview of your bonus points

  • Review your charging sessions

  • Check of your personal CO₂ avoidance

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