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With Volkswagen Naturstrom, you can reduce the carbon footprint of your electrical appliances and vehicles – also during their service life.


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Three simple steps to sustainable green power
Volkswagen Naturstrom. Zertifizierter Strom aus erneuerbaren Energien.

Green energy: signed, sealed and delivered.

TÜV Nord conducts annual inspections to verify Volkswagen Naturstrom sources. It certifies that Volkswagen Naturstrom and electricity purchased from eco-power plants in Germany, Austria, France and Switzerland is always carbon-neutral. Volkswagen Naturstrom is generated 100% from renewable sources.

Ökostrom-Tarif mit transparenten Preisen und einfachem Anbieterwechsel
European Green Deal

Volkswagen Naturstrom is a product of Elli, a Volkswagen Group brand. Volkswagen has already committed to the European Green Deal for a sustainable EU economy, and is ready to play its part in achieving this goal. All the Group's activities are set to be 100% carbon-neutral and net emission-free no later than 2050. We are also aware that e-mobility and the move to renewable energy will require a holistic approach and smart new solutions.

Our answers are Elli and Volkswagen Naturstrom.

Learn more about the European Green Deal

The carbon footprint of an e-car* depends heavily on the electricity mix

Diesel vs. e-car during the vehicle’s use phase: overall energy comparison

CO2 Footprint
Well to Tank (vehicle use phase)
Well to Wheel (vehicle use phase)
* Based on e-Golf 7 production and use (200,000 km) in EU
Source: Volkswagen

Is the carbon footprint of an e-vehicle better than a car with a diesel or petrol engine?

It depends on the electricity mix – this has a major impact on the carbon footprint of an e-car. If you want to be sure, you should charge your e-car with green electricity. That's why we offer a green electricity contract with Volkswagen Naturstrom, giving you the confidence that your e-car will be climate-friendly.

Why charge with eco electricity?

To compare different vehicle types, we need to consider carbon emissions in three phases:

  • During the production of the vehicle
  • During production of the fuel, e.g. electricity, petrol or diesel
  • And during use, i.e. using the car to get from A to B.

The manufacture of an e-car causes 58 grams CO₂ equivalent per km, more than double the emissions of diesel vehicle manufacture (27 CO₂ equivalent per km).

CO₂ emissions vary depending on the source of the electricity. If it is generated from renewable energy sources such as wind turbines, CO₂ emissions are near zero. However, with the typical grid mix in Germany, emissions are 85 grams CO₂ equivalent per km. By way of contrast, extraction and production of diesel generates just 11 grams CO₂ equivalent per km.

The major advantage of e-cars is that there are no CO₂ emissions at all during the vehicle’s operational life. With a diesel vehicle, however, this is the phase with the highest CO₂ emissions (100 grams CO₂ equivalent per km).

In conclusion, an e-car’s carbon footprint depends heavily on the electricity mix. To ensure truly climate-friendly mobility, take up our Volkswagen Naturstrom contract, and get green electricity for your car and home.

* All values are based on an e-Golf 7 production and use (200,000 km) in EU

E-car home charging

Your tariff

Price guarantee

Volkswagen Naturstrom

24 months full price guarantee*

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12 months limited price guarantee**

Contract period

12-24 months,
period of notice 4 weeks before end of contract

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Monthly in advance, invoice at end of billing period

* Volkswagen Naturstrom: Elli offers a full price guarantee for a period of 12 months from the start of supply. For this period Elli guarantees not to increase prices. Afterwards, Elli guarantees during the minimum contract period not to increase prices owing to changes in billing, procurement, distribution and other administrative costs. Please refer to our price and delivery conditions for this product.

** Volkswagen Naturstrom Blue: Elli offers a limited price guarantee for a period of 12 months from the start of supply. During this period Elli guarantees not to make any price adjustments due to changes in grid usage fees, billing, procurement, distribution and other administrative costs. Please refer to our price and delivery conditions for this product.

Here you can find the terms and conditions as well as electricity labelling.

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We’re making our contribution to the green energy revolution by driving only electric cars, our e-Golf and the new ID. 3. We’ve also chosen Volkswagen Naturstrom for our apartments in Lower Saxony and on Helgoland.

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