Empowering electric life.

Elli is here to make your life with electricity [Electric life] easier, safer, cooler and totally hassle-free. When energy meets mobility — Elli will be there for you and your business. Smart, convenient, reliable and 100% eco-friendly.

Who We Are

We are Elli

A provider of energy and charging solutions. We will manage all customer needs at the interface between energy and mobility. Elli will make the benefits of the energy transition accessible to people around the world — easy and hassle-free.

As part of the Volkswagen Group we will be the first provider on the market to offer a seamless and holistic energy and charging experience for electric car drivers and fleet managers.

Elli was founded in 2018, with offices in Wolfsburg, Berlin and Munich.


Thorsten Nicklass

CEO Elli

What We Do

What We Work On Every Day

We want to change the way people use electricity in the future by offering data-driven energy solutions. We make people´s electric life easier, safer, cooler and totally hassle-free. Always and anywhere.

Every day we are doing our best to improve our customers’ life and experience with electricity. The services and products being developed will influence how you choose and use vehicles and energy in the future.

To offer smart energy and charging solutions, we will be able to connect anyone to Ellis electricity ecosystem including intelligent battery and sustainable storage solutions.

At home, on the road and at destination — we play an essential role in people´s electric life.

Thorsten Nicklass

CEO Elli


Hey Elli

“I can focus on the important things in life as Elli smoothly takes care of all my “energy meets mobility” issues. I don´t need more than Elli for that. This way Elli takes my experience with electric mobility to the next level.”

Relaxed & Hassle-Free

“Elli allows me to charge my electric vehicles smoothly and more conveniently than my fill ups today. Elli gives me the feeling of being on the right track with my fleet. Electromobility without excessive demands. And without a bad conscience.”

Our Mission

Our Contribution To A Greener Planet

With our smart solutions we will elevate electromobility out of the early adopter phase.

Elli is leading the transformation of the energy industry and paving the way for the breakthrough of electric driving by helping our clients with their personal energy transition.

We offer smart, full service solutions. Data-driven. From hardware, services, consulting to maintenance. We are working to get every electric car driver and fleet smoothly and fully charged on the road.

Elli boosts the economy while helping to preserve our planet.

We are empowering the path towards mainstream of electromobility.

Dr. Tobias Canz

CFO Elli

Elli Ecosystem

Connected Electric Life, Peace Of Mind

…means convenient and smart access to energy in our environmentally friendly and reliable ecosystem.

Everything will be connected: data from every house, vehicle, workplace, home storage system and power plant. Elli will manage this data and energy flow to ensure more intelligent power production and sensible consumption, generating a better electric life.


Want To Be Part Of Elli?

Can you imagine your life being electric? Great. So we have a lot in common. We are looking for experienced and talented people who are accomplished in their field and looking for a flexible, nontraditional work environment where skills, experience and performance are highly valued and rewarded. Our team is growing and we are looking forward to your application.

Lets change this industry together!