Charge anywhere
with Elli

Elli is a mobility service provider offering access to more than 300,000 public charging points across Europe. With just one app, one charging card and three flexible, transparent charging tariffs.

The Elli Mobility Service is already in use at Volkswagen, ŠKODA AUTO, SEAT and CUPRA.

True electromobility. Everywhere.

Plan, charge, drive, optimize.
Intuitively and conveniently via app.

E-Mobility App für Smartphones
Übersicht Lade-AppLadestationen finden per Landkarte in der AppLadestationen für mein Elektroauto in der Umgebung findenLadekarten und Ladetarife verwalten und wechselnMinimale Angaben zum Elektroauto in der E-Mobility AppE-Mobility App für Smartphones

Simple to configure

Choose the charge tariff that suits you best (all are highly straightforward), and switch flexibly if you wish. Automatic payment by credit card. Elli requires only minimal information.

Easy to manage

Find charging points near you based on real-time map data – complete with station status and availability.

Charge anywhere in Europe

Use any of the charging stations of our partners throughout Europe, including the leading European fast-charging network IONITY.

Great user experience

Just the features that really make sense. View a simple analysis of your charging process, and your complete billing history.

Smart admin

Use the app to control your Charger Connect or your Charger Pro in your garage at home.

Charging  models

Elli is constantly evolving! Our new tariff model gives you affordable access to 300,000 charging points across Europe at fixed prices per kWh.

Affordable, transparent fixed prices
Unified, fair prices at all charging points
National & international roaming
Plug & Charge
(Drive City, Drive Highway tariffs)
Low-cost fast charging, also using IONITY
(Drive Highway tariff)

Our tariffs in Germany

Drive Free

0,00 €
0,55 € / kWh
0,76 € / kWh
0,79 € / kWh
12 months price guarantee

Drive City

5,99 €
0,39 € / kWh
0,49 € / kWh
0,79 € / kWh
12 months price guarantee
Plug & Charge ready*

Drive City is the cheapest rate if your charge publicly on average once per month.

Drive Highway

12,99 €
0,37 € / kWh
0,47 € / kWh
0,35 € / kWh
12 months price guarantee
Plug & Charge ready*
Access to low-cost charging with IONITY

Drive Highway is the cheapest rate if your charge publicly at least twice per month.

It is possible to change to a higher tariff on a monthly basis.

Blocking fees apply.
AC charging after 180 minutes 0,05 € / minute. Not between 9 p.m. and 9 a.m.
DC charging after 90 minutes  0,15 € / minute.  
* If vehicle supports this functionality. Contact your vehicle manufacturer for more information.

Many brands - one tariff model

It’s all getting easier. We are standardizing the tariff models for multiple Volkswagen Group charging services: SEAT and CUPRA Easy Charging, Powerpass and Volkswagen We Charge.

Get started now

Download the app, choose your tariff, order a charge card – and you’re all set!

The Elli Charging App can can be downloaded here. Give it a try!Elli‘s mobility service is also powering the charging apps of Volkswagen, SEAT, CUPRA and ŠKODA AUTO.

Ladenetz-App installieren
1. Install app
Ladetarif wählen
2. Choose tariff
Ladekarte für das Elektroauto bestellen
3. Order charge card
Einfach losladen
4. Get charging!
Four easy steps to go-anywhere charging

Install the app now and request your personal charge card

Volkswagen We Charge

Elli is integrated into the Volkswagen We Charge services.

Find out what we’ve been working on for VW:

Elli solutions for Volkswagen


ŠKODA AUTO's e-mobility services use software from Elli.

How we contribute to ŠKODA AUTO e-mobility:

Elli solutions for ŠKODA AUTO

Easy Charging

Together for more independence: CUPRA and Elli.

With CUPRA, we open up new potential.

Elli solutions for CUPRA

Advice and service

Any questions about your app, or e-mobility services for your vehicle?
Your customer service team is happy to advise and assist.
Free of charge, day and night.

* Free phone number. Calls from mobile networks may be subject to charges depending on the provider. If your telephone provider does not support this number, ask them to activate ‘00800’ numbers. The charges depend on the tariff of your provider. Roaming charges may apply when calling from abroad.