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Site analysis for your charging solution

We will work with you to assess the structural and technical conditions for your future charging solutions at the proposed site and assess the conditions for the further project phases. This yields a solid, practice-oriented foundation for decisions on the planning and realisation of your charging infrastructure.

Concept development for future charging sites

The thorough analysis and individual survey of potential sites is essential for the future profitable operation of your charging infrastructure. Consequently, this is carried out not only with drawings and existing data, but also in an onsite survey with the principal and the future operator of the charging facility. This is essential for avoiding problems in future. And in some cases it reveals new options that were not previously considered.

This step also identifies all requirements for the electrical infrastructure – a decisive factor for the overall scope of the project.

The analysis serves as an advance check and is required for the preparation of a suitable concept optimally aligned with the conditions at your location.

Our services

Preliminary meeting

to coordinate individual scope of the project and deadlines.

Onsite meeting

(site inspection) with your personal contact from Elli.


of electrical systems and local conditions (in particular with regard to electrical and civil engineering work).


on optimal placement of charging infrastructure.

Preliminary definition

of further installation work, e.g. additional sub-distribution, cable routing, civil engineering work etc.

Clarifying the grid connection situation

Your result

  • Project description with sketch and rough site measurements.

  • For smaller projects: approximate pricing for installation – final invoice to be based on actual measurements.
    (“Smaller projects” are defined as installations with up to approx. 10 AC charge points and without civil engineering work, transformer replacement, DC charging. Assessment in conjunction with the site analysis.)

  • For more complex projects: offer for required planning services as the basis for subsequent installation
    (“Complex projects” are defined as installations with more than 10 AC charge points / civil works / transformer replacement / DC charging. Assessment in conjunction with the site analysis.)

Next steps

For ordering please contact your Elli contact person or use our online contact form.

As a rule, it takes approximately four weeks to complete the analysis after the order is placed.

If the assessment indicates a low degree of complexity (“smaller projects”), the infrastructure can be installed without a detailed design. In case of “complex projects”, you can commission Elli to carry out the planning in order to define all technical specifications prior to installation.

For more information, see Planning & Installation.

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Which charging options do you have now or plan to implement in the future?


Additional services

Planning and Installation

The result of a site analysis decides whether planning is required. This may depend on whether a building permit or further detailed plans are needed such as structural analysis to assess how the charging infrastructure can be installed. In a planning project, all trades needed for the installation are integrated into detailed technical plans.

Connecting the charge points

Are you already operating a charging site? Would you like to manage it through the Elli backend system? Perhaps you are also looking to expand your charging capacity without having to replace your current charging hardware? In either case, Elli is there for you.

CPO Services

Elli offers the full range of services for the operation and maintenance of your company’s charging infrastructure. Along with scheduled maintenance, this may include – depending on your needs – phone support, remote diagnostics, onsite service and repairs.  It’s up to you whether you wish to have all services delivered by a single provider or prefer to select individual services.